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At MAMMALOG, our utmost priority is to ensure accurate representation of our products and services, showcasing their potential to our esteemed buyers. Dedicated to delivering superior quality products at competitive prices, MAMMALOG is firmly committed to meeting the needs of our valued customers.
Kindly note that Product Keys are currently dispatched exclusively via email. Once your purchase is approved, our team will diligently process your order. While orders are typically processed within a span of one (1) hour, please allow for a potential maximum delivery time of twenty-four (24) hours. Following the completion of your order, a confirmation email containing your Product Key will be dispatched to the email address provided on our order form.
We wish to draw your attention to the classification of Product Keys as "DIGITAL PRODUCTS." Regrettably, once these keys are dispatched via email, they cannot be returned, as they lack the physical attributes that allow resale. In light of this, we are obliged to uphold a "No Refund" policy. However, to safeguard the interests of our valued customers, we have established a comprehensive Refund Policy, as detailed below:
Instances that do not qualify for a refund:
1. Cases where the buyer places an order without thoroughly reviewing the complete product description, resulting in the delivery of the product key via email.
2. Situations where the buyer is unable to download the software file due to an unstable internet connection.
3. Instances where the buyer encounters difficulty in downloading or installing the software due to a lack of technical proficiency.
Should a Product Key fail to activate on the buyer's computer system, MAMMALOG is committed to resolving the issue by issuing a replacement Product Key via email within a specified timeframe. To facilitate this process, buyers are required to furnish a Full-Screen Screenshot featuring the Error Window, along with the Current Date and Time. This screenshot must be sent to [email protected].
Buyers are kindly advised to communicate any Product Key activation failures within a period of three (3) days from the date of delivery. Beyond this timeframe, MAMMALOG is regrettably unable to provide a new Product Key under any circumstances.
Instances that qualify for a refund:
In the event that MAMMALOG fails to deliver the Product Key via email, an Automatic Refund process will be initiated.
Refund processing timeline:
Refund initiation may take up to 1-2 business days. Once the refund process is completed, buyers are advised that it may take an additional 2-4 business days for the refund amount to be credited to their chosen Payment Source (Credit/Debit Card, Bank Account, or Wallet), contingent upon the policies of their respective financial institution or service provider.
We sincerely appreciate your trust in MAMMALOG and value your patronage. Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Customer Support team.
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